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” 25 Years in service of protecting the lives and health of people. We continue protecting You even more in most challenging times. Your ŠESTAN-BUSCH Team “

” 25 Years in service of protecting the lives and health of people. We continue protecting You even more in most challenging times. Your ŠESTAN-BUSCH Team “

” 25 godina u službi zaštite zdravlja i života čovjeka. Nastavljamo dalje u cilju pružanja odgovora na nove sigurnosne izazove. Vaš tim ŠESTAN- BUSCH “

ŠESTAN BUSCH Šestan-Busch is family owned company dedicated to providing top quality head protection systems and personnel protective equipment for our modern heroes, represented in military, police and civil protection forces.
We have been entrusted by more than 70 countries in the World to protect lives and health of their security and defence forces, and this trust has been transformed into core value and credo of our Company: SAFETY FOR LIFE.




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MILITARY military helmet sestan-busch protection VIEW OUR PRODUCTS POLICE VIEW OUR PRODUCTS police helmet sestan-busch protection CIVIL VIEW OUR PRODUCTS civil helmet sestan-busch protection ŠESTAN-BUSCH SUPERIOR PROTECTION The superiority is reflected in terms of protection, comfort, quality and psychophysical endurance of the user when the "POZITRON PLUS" chip is installed.


Šestan-Busch products are being designed, developed and manufactured in accordance to latest quality standards and certificates. We do not perceive quality standards as piece of paper on the wall or on our web site, but rather as way of business life and everyday operations within our Company.

Company has obtained the highest standards in production and management including; ISO 9001 Certification with Design, development, production, and distribution of composite anti-ballistic equipment (helmets, vests), civilian helmets and plastic products, and Allied Quality Assurance Publication – AQAP 2110.

At a same time, company has acquired the Declaration of Eligibility given by Ministry of Economy, entrepreneurship and crafts of Republic of Croatia that verifies the fulfillment of technological, financial and professional conditions for applying on Public tenders published by NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).


Innovation is key drive of Global Economy. Šestan-Busch recognizes the importance of constant R&D investments for purpose of producing new and advanced product portfolio (mainly protective helmets).

Until 2020, more than 35 different models of protective helmets were developed, mainly in military and police portfolio. In 2018 we have entered in civil protection R&D project, developing new and innovative multipurpose protective helmet.

Our production facilities in Croatia (Prelog), Germany (Gütersloh), the CzechRepublic (Chomutov) and Italy (Taranto) use state-of-the-art technology in order to improve the level of protection provided by our products as much as possible.


“We started with 1000 helmets per year, now we produce 1000 helmets per day” – Šestan-Busch production is state of the art production facility. We have adopted production technology for wide range of thermoplastic and composites products in Personnel protective equipment program (PPE).

Our main focus is however production of aramid based ballistic protection helmets. In this aspect we are equipped with latest production technology, machines and equipment. Special EBSP manufacturing process provides high protection level against all kind of fragments, shrapnel and bullets.

Recently, we have entered the anti-riot portfolio where we are consortium leader in offering complete anti-ballistic protective suit. New production line for UHMPWE helmets is also adopted, and state-of-the-art “anti-Kalashnikov” helmet is expected to be approved for serial production.

Most recent breakthrough is company decision to enter Civil protection program in which we are waiting for full development of innovation pioneer product – multifunctional protective helmet.

Superior protection, comfort and quality

safety for life

ŠESTAN- BUSCH is a modern private factory which production is under continuous supervision its own experts educated for purpose production and under outside control of foreign business partners under ISO 9001 standards. It has also continually cooperation in a field of developing new materials with well-known institutes from Croatia, Germany, Italy , U.S.A., Spain and under countries.

ŠESTAN- BUSCH constantly follows and takes a part in development of new materials, new testings’ in a field of protection, comfort ability and design of riot helmets and other products , also in development new protection helmet for riot armoured vehicle and parachutists helmet, also some other new products which are needed in protection of modern solder, sportsmen and man.

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